groundWork Statement on the Presidential Announcement of the intended amendment to Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act (4 of 2006) - New Embedded Generation Projects Must Not Include Dirty Fuels and Leave the Poor Behind.

11 July 2021 - While we welcome the President’s announcement on 10th June 2021 to increase NERSA’s licensing threshold for embedded generation projects from 1MW to 100MW with exemption from licensing requirements which enables self-generation of power, we remain concerned that:

In the just transition of moving away from the unequal society imposed by the Minerals-Energy Complex impoverishing communities living alongside its industries, more needs to be done to include these communities that have lived with the impacts of fossil fuel energy generation. Support for socially owned renewable energy systems for the affected communities must be included in Government’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan as part of the presidential commitment to a just transition. This should include livelihood and job opportunities from local manufacture of renewable energy components with opportunities for installation, repair, recycling, and maintenance. Communities and workers from the fossil fuels sector can be given new opportunities in a cleaner energy future that addresses the conditions of the poor and marginalised and does not leave them behind.

You can read the Presidential Announcement here.