Our Life, Our Water, Our Sea, Our Air, Our Land - Statement from the National Gasdown Frackdown Gathering – 10 - 12 October in Durban, South Africa

12 October 2018 - Over the past 3 days we the community people representing traditional leaders, farm workers, farm dwellers, subsistence farmers, fisherfolk, and those from neighbourhoods affected by toxic pollution, together with people’s organisations and NGOs, gathered to reflect on the environmental, economic and political crisis our country and world presently finds itself in. This engagement afforded us an opportunity to thoughtfully consider our response to this crisis.

Our resistance to proposed fracking in South Africa, and the expansion of offshore oil and gas has brought us together. As a collective we are able to learn from our negative experiences of the corporate and political elite fossil fuel agenda and our successful resistance to this agenda in various parts of South Africa, and to build upon these initiatives, including:

We recognise:

Despite what seems to be insurmountable odds, people have not given up their power and people’s resistance has been effective in slowing down the fossil fuel agenda throughout South Africa.  To date key victories  that we have achieved include:

This is despite government climbing into bed with the likes of the fossil fuel majors Shell, ENI, Exxon Mobil and South Africa’s own apartheid created Sasol and various small fly-by-night fracking companies that have been set up to make a quick buck.   

We note that we have to:

We therefore say NO MORE:

A luta continua!

Participating organisations:
Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC)
Centre for Environmental Rights (CER)
Coastal Links KwaZulu Natal
Conservation South Africa (CSA)
Earthlife Africa (Durban)
Earthlife African (Johannesburg)  
Environmental Rural Solutions (ERS)
Friends of the Earth International (FoEI)
Greenpeace Africa
Justiça Ambiental (JA!)
Karoo Environmental Justice Movement (KEJM)
KwaZulu Natal Fishing Forum
Mtunzini Conservancy
Oceans not Oil
Rural Network
Sisonke Environmental Justice Network (SEJN)
Siyabonga Rural Transformation Forum
South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA)
Support Centre for Land Change (SCLC)
Vaal Environmental Justice Association (VEJA)
Wild Oceans