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March 2011 Newsletter


FoEI's first e-action of COP17

Dear Friend,

All around the world millions of the poorest people are already facing the impacts of climate change, including floods, famine and severe weather conditions.

We are facing a planetary emergency and have very little time left to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Take action now!

Friends of the Earth Europe call on EU leaders to Act Now in Durban

The next series of UN climate talks kick off in Durban, South Africa, in a few days.

We have nearly run-out of time to cut emissions back to safe levels before we reach dangerous tipping points which would lead to climate catastrophe and the loss of millions of lives.

To do this we need developed countries – who are responsible for the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere – to deliver on their moral and legal obligations to cut their emissions first and fastest and deliver on much-needed climate finance to developing countries.

But the US, Japan and other rich developed countries are trying to dismantle the only existing legally binding climate framework for rich country emissions reductions – the Kyoto Protocol - in favour of a weak and ineffective ‘pledge and review’ system. Europe is wavering. It is painting itself as a climate leader but is not standing up against this destructive push from other countries in the developed world.

It's crucial that Europe takes a strong and fair stance in the climate talks to save the planet and its people.

Help us ask Tomasz Chruszczow, Europe’s lead negotiator in Durban, to make sure that the EU commits to unconditionally supporting a 2nd commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol with strong targets for legally binding emissions reductions for developed countries based on science and equity and no carbon trading or other loopholes.

Take action now!

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In solidarity,

Friends of the Earth International