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Cement Kilns in the United Kingdom

This page is a work in progress. Any additional information that can be supplied regarding the cement kilns, what they are burning and the organisations that are opposing them would be gratefully received. Please e-mail with any information, ideas, suggestions, etc. that you might have. We're keen to complete the list at the bottom of the page, so if you know anything about other kilns and any organisation that might be opposing them, please let us know.

Campaign Against the New Kiln (CANK)

CANK logo

CANK was originally set up to oppose the erection by Castle Cement Company of a new kiln in Padeswood, Flintshire. Despite strenuous opposition, the kiln was built, and CANK now monitors its performance. An organisation known as Emission Watch monitors particulates in the area around the kiln. From the graphs available on this site, it is apparent that despite the newsness of the kiln, there are still very real problems.

Kiln 4 burns a mix of light fuel oil, coal, Cemfuel (liquid), Profuel (Solid) Animal Derived Waste Fuel (ADWF).

(Please note that although their web site has not been updated for a while, this is because of technical reasons. CANK is still active and is currently leading a group action against Castle Cement.)

Emmission Watch

Emission Watch logo

Emission-Watch has been set up to monitor the particulate burden of the air that is breathed by the local communities around the incinerators and kilns. Charity status for Emission-Watch has been obtained, and, apart from recording and reporting the facts for the benefit of local communities, Emission-Watch will make its results available for research into the long-term medical consequences of particles on human health.

Any community which wishes to monitor the emissions in its own locality can seek advice. Emission-Watch will be pleased to explain what is involved and the best way to raise the appropriate funding. logo is a site run by Lilian Pallikaropoulos, a resident of Rugby, a market town in Warwickshire, in the West Midlands of England. Rugby is home to a Cemex owned cement works. Cement manufacture has taken place in Rugby since the 1860s, but in the 1990s the Rugby Cement Works were dramatically expanded. Lilian spends most of her spare time fighting the kiln and other polluting industry.

The Rugby plant has used tyres as an alternative fuel. They stopped doing so for a while, but have recently been granted a permit to increase to a quarter the amount of fuel that they may replace with chipped tyres.

The Air That We Breathe Network (TATWBN)

The Air that we Breathe Logo

Westbury Kiln The Air That We Breathe Network originally formed as The Air That We Breathe Group in 1995 in order to fight Blue Circle (subsequently bought out by Lafarge) in Westbury who were planning to use tyres to replace some of the coal that they were using for firing their kilns.

They are still actively opposing conditions at the kiln, as well as current extension plans for the quarry that feeds the kiln.

List of Kilns

City Company AFR? Opposition
Padeswood Castle Cement Yes CANK
Rugby Cemex Yes
Westbury Lafarge Yes The Air That We Breathe